Businesses thrive or die from the reviews posted online.  It is just the way businesses operate these days.  In years past the number one source of information on a business was the phone book.  Before the internet and instant access to any and all knowledge, we all relied on the good old phone book and specifically the yellow pages for referrals.  You flipped through the pages, navigated not by Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer but that antiquated thing called the alphabet and you let “your fingers do the walking”.  You went to “D” and wedged between “demolition contractors” and “department stores” was a great big section labeled “dentists”.

Within this large section was a wide array of self-written ads used to catch your eye.  “Cosmetic Dentist in Brandon” “General Dentistry Valrico” “Teeth Whitening Special”. Some were elaborate and catchy while others were a simple printed line with the dentist’s name and phone number.  It might simply read BRANDON DENTAL CARE – 813-685-0809 and if you paid a little extra you could get an address put in there 413 C W. ROBERTSON ST.,  BRANDON, FL 33511.  Marketing was a lot simpler back then.  There was only one method, but it took a lot of money and a full page ad with pictures to get someone to choose an office.



Now, in the age of the internet, you can peruse an endless stream of reviews specifically for the business you are researching.  It seems most of us do a Google search, enter Brandon Dentist, Valrico Dentist, or Riverview Dentist and push the magical “enter” button.  A list of Google Ads pop up, then the meat of the sandwich, the organic search findings appear.  Those amazing little “hits”, the ones that mean the most, the glorious “google reviews”.   (Search a little harder and you can find over 1400 Demand Force reviews as well.)  Reviews are where the rubber meets the road.  We have a great track record.  Sure there will always be a few “stinkers” in there, because we all know you can’t please everyone.  It’s the trends that matter most.  In the most basic terms, we try to treat everyone like we would want to be treated and in turn, they return the favor with a favorable review.  And the best thing?  The process is free.  It’s not free dentistry, but it sure helps us keep our marketing costs down and subsequently we can pass on the savings to you.

So, thank you to all our patients who have written a great dentist review for us at Brandon Dental Care and Riverview Dental Care.  It means a lot to us in many ways.