Do I need cosmetic dentistry?  It’s a question we often hear.  It’s also a question with many different answers.  The most literal answer is “no.”  No one “needs” cosmetic dentistry, it is elective.  In essence this answer can be explained by asking another question: is cosmetic dentistry necessary for me to sustain life?  When looking at it this way the answer is an obvious “no”.  There are procedures like extractions and root canals which are necessary to prevent pain and infection from becoming very serious. However, the original question should be posed in a different manner.  It should be formatted as “would I benefit from having cosmetic dentistry or should I have cosmetic dentistry?”  The answer to this question is subjective. In answering this question a much larger set of parameters come into play.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can range from something as simple as performing a tooth whitening or shaping a chipped front tooth to a comprehensive orthodontic (Invisalign) case with veneer or crown placement.  One can be two to three hundred dollars and others can increase to tens of thousands.  Cosmetic dentistry in Brandon and Valrico can be an entirely different experience and result than cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles.  In looking at our modified question above, each one of you should first decide on your dental goals.  Evaluating past history and future goals will certainly help you determine what your “need” for cosmetic dental transformation is.

The answer “no one needs cosmetic dentistry” ignores the fact that each of us has an individual set of experiences with our smile.  Someone who has avoided showing their teeth by refusing to smile or covering their mouth over a lifetime can have a transformational event by shedding the fear of embarrassment after dramatically altering their smile for the better.  The benefits of this kind of mindset alteration can be enormous.  It can change one’s personality and outlook to the core.  So it may not be necessary for life but cosmetic dentistry can be life giving!

Our comprehensive approach to transforming your smile can provide you all the tools you’ll need to put your smile exactly where you want it to be.  We will discuss your treatment options and the financial aspects involved with your individual smile to help you decide how to best approach your new and perfect smile. Call our treatment coordinators today at 813 685 0809 and take your first step to a new and improved confidence in yourself.