A dental bridge is a restorative dental prosthesis that replaces a few missing teeth or a single tooth. While dental bridges help restore your smile’s appearance they also act to stabilize existing teeth and maintain a healthy bite relationship. This support allows the ability of proper chewing and speaking to continue for many years. 

A dental bridge is made by ‘filling the gap’ between healthy teeth that was left from a missing tooth. The space is filled with a natural looking false tooth which is held in place by connecting to the healthy teeth next to it. Crowns (which are connected to the false tooth) are placed on the healthy teeth and these crowns provide the supporting structure for the false tooth.

There a few different types of bridges and customized approaches when applying them to your mouth and situation. While the process of making a dental bridge requires multiple visits to our office, the procedure is relatively simple.

Our dentists will talk to you about what options are right for you and what approach is best for long-term success.

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