Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and simple procedures available in dentistry today. For many people, having a bright, white smile often means feeling better about themselves and having more confidence. 

Whether you are looking for a change that is subtle or dramatic, the dentists at Brandon Dental Care can help you get your teeth whiter with a very easy procedure.

We use a safe and effective take-home whitening system that is applied to the teeth with custom made trays. The custom made teeth whitening trays ensure that your teeth are whitening evenly.

If you’ve ever tried the teeth whitening strips, you very well know about the spotting that can occur and the fact that they only address the very front of your mouth.

Your teeth can be many shades brighter than they were before. You can “roll back the years” on your teeth and enjoy beautiful, whiter teeth.

Teeth whitening yellow teethteeth-whitening-white

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Will I have permanent sensitivity from whitening my teeth?
Like some dental treatments, minor temporary discomfort may occur. Sometimes patients experience sensitivity for a few days. Your teeth will be back to their normal level of sensitivity shortly after the procedure.

Is teeth whitening bad for my enamel?
There is no evidence to suggest this professional method of whitening your teeth is bad for your enamel.

Can anyone get their teeth whitened?
Like any procedure, there are always some exceptions to the rule. However, in our experience, most people can have their teeth whitened.

How long does teeth whitening last?
On average, six months to two years. In some cases up to ten years. There are several factors to take into consideration when it comes to how long your teeth are going to stay bright white. Avoiding things that cause stains, such as coffee, red wine, and smoking will drastically improve the length of your whitening.

Will this procedure affect my fillings?
It may temporarily reduce the bond strength between enamel and composite restorations, therefore your dentist may delay placing new fillings immediately after you finish whitening. However, in most cases, it has no impact on restorative materials such as porcelain or crowns.

Does whitening toothpaste work?
Toothpaste claiming to whiten teeth typically does not work in the way it is advertised. Toothpaste is designed to clean the surface of your teeth and is not proven to change the color of your teeth. There may be noticeable results, but it’s not actually whitening your teeth.

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