Cosmetic Recontouring / Tooth Reshaping

Recontouring or tooth reshaping is a relatively simple cosmetic procedure that fixes small imperfections with your teeth. This may include fixing irregularly shaped teeth or tooth edges, small chips, pointy teeth or slightly overlapped teeth. 

It’s an easy procedure that can have some startling results but has its limitations in case selection when compared to bonding or teeth whitening procedures which can bring about a more dramatic change in your smile. Recontouring can be done in conjunction with these other procedures.

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What is Tooth Reshaping / Cosmetic Recontouring?

During the appointment, a small portion of the outer layer of your tooth (the enamel) is removed to change the shape of the teeth. Our dentists use instruments with abrasive capabilities to reshape the problem areas of teeth, eliminating or minimizing imperfections. Smoothing and polishing the teeth will finalize the procedure. 

Recontouring or tooth reshaping is a low cost, painless procedure that can help your smile look better while also improving the health of your teeth by removing imperfections within your teeth where tartar and plaque build up. This lowers your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

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